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We here at love a good Web app and we love the simplicity of this weather app at Aside from the obvious step of visiting the web page, is a very simple tool that uses location services to provide you with a weather forecast in your current location. In the event your current location isn’t what you’re looking for, also lets your enter a different location to retrieve its weather forecast. Popular cities are listed in tag form below, and the page is fully optimized for smartphone screens.

We like the app’s clarity and simplicity but wish that the space devoted to logo at the top of the page was minimized. Also, on the mobile site, once the location information is attained, there still is that large search field and button at the top of the screen. We wish that were removed, at the bottom of the screen or accessible in another way. The large logo and the search field limit the amount of usable real estate on the screen. That’s a pity since our screens only loaded a day’s worth of information before we had to scroll. Hopefully, they’ll improve the UI at some point. Until then, if you need a mobile Web app to check the weather, check it out at

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