Fast Food Ads vs. Reality

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I always love the way the food in the fast food ads looks—juicy, beefy, big and delicious. And I’m always a bit disappointed when confronted with the realities of the actual product on the rare occasion that I eat in a fast food restaurant. Now I know why.

Over at, they have a series of photos of real fast food items juxtaposed with their advertising counterparts. The comparison is striking if somewhat unappealing. The items as served in some cases are unrecognizable as the same item advertised. I mean, sure, I know there is some artistic license involved in promoting the items but where does artistic license end and bait-and-switch begin?

I’m sure if the companies were forced to use photographs of the actual items as they are served, fast food sales would take a hit. Now that I think of it, that’s not such a bad idea.

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